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The Drainage Team is the perfect option for any property owner, property manager, or general contractor needing a project completed successfully and professionally. On time and on budget, we offer comprehensive stormwater management solutions, both inside and outside of residential and commercial properties. We’re the long-term answer you’ve been looking for!

All of our projects are designed using the highest quality materials, maximum flow efficiency, and utilizing the most advanced equipment and techniques. Whether you have a home with a few downspouts that need piped into schedule 35 PVC or a property that needs complete stormwater management… we can help.

With 26 years of expertise and our fully-prepared teams, we know that water is the primary threat to your property. That’s why you should entrust your solution to a specialist stormwater drainage firm, not an amateur contractor who only does it as a sideline.

Take a look through our website and set up a consultation. We’ll provide you with a solution, GUARANTEED!

Expert Stormwater & Drainage Solutions at St. Louis Missouri Drainage Team has the answer to all your stormwater management and drainage solutions. Professional design and installation. Call (314) 312-2000 You’ve Arrived At Your Solution

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Over the past 26+ years of performing professional stormwater projects, we have analyzed pricing data to generate this general budget outline. This should help you determine the budget size you may need for your project. (All estimated dollar amounts are presented in $1,000.00’s. K = $1,000.00 USD)

$5K – $10K+
$11K – $19K+
$20K – $50K+
$5K – $8K+
$9K – $15K+
$16K – $50K+
Stormwater Basins
$5K – $9K+
$10K – $49K+
$50K – $150K+
$5K – $8K+
$9K – $15K+
$16K – $25K+
$5K – $10K+
$11K – $40K+
$41K – $250K+
$5K – $12K+
$13K – $50K+
$51K – $200K+
Stormwater Basins
$10K – $75K+
$76K – $250K+
$250K – $500K+
$5K – $15K+
$16K – $30K+
$31K – $200K+

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