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Client Feedback

— Jacob A. – Webster Groves, Missouri

“ The Drainage Team completely exceeded my expectations - from the initial consultation by Greg to the execution of the project by Justin & team - truly amazing! Living in a 100+ year old house, I expect the basement to get damp but having the downspouts pour directly next to the foundation certainly doesn't help. Thus, I wanted to get the downspouts buried and as far away from the house as possible. After submitting a request for a bid online, Greg came out the same day to review my concerns and put together a bid. (side note, my yard is like a botanical garden with numerous large trees, bushes, flowers, landscape lights and brick walkways in the path of the project.) I asked a few other companies to come by and give me a bid and they both said "We can give you a bid but this is so complex, we don't even want to bother". Greg and team assured me they could do the project right with minimal disruption to the gardens - this is what they do all day every day. After doing a final walk through of the design with Greg and the owner Nathan, I felt comfortable (and dare I say excited?) to sign with the Drainage Team and get my drainage issue solved. Fast forward a few months, the team arrives and gets immediately to work. Due to the complexity of the yard, the crew has to hand dig the entire 250 ft+ of pipe which includes moving hostas, azaleas, sprinklers, landscape lighting, digging under a hedge/fence, lifting brick pathways and various other things out of their way. Happy to report everything was put back where it belongs and the yard looks like nothing even occurred. Nathan/Justin even helped me navigate the local regulations to deposit the water where I wanted it. Very excited for my first thunderstorm and putting the system to the test. Thanks again Drainage Team!”

— Mark S. – St. Louis, Missouri

“ I was referred to the Drainage Team by a friend of mine. Having Nathan, the owner, come out and visually inspect the proposed project and taking the time to answer my questions and explain the concept of a French Drain was very professional of him. His company started and completed my project in one day. Their business minded approach and their work resulted in a most beautiful work of art along with the functionality really impressed my wife and I. I want to thank Nathan and his team for doing a fantastic job. I highly recommend Nathan's company, you will not be disappointed. ”

— Ryan G. – Webster Groves, Missouri

“ The Drainage Team absolutely deserves a 5 star rating for their efforts. I have been dealing with basement flooding for the past year and Brett from the Drainage Team came in to provide recommendations and estimates. After deciding to move forward with the project Brett & team were quick to respond to all of my emails and handled all of the permits needed. Because of the flooding issues, Brett was able to help escalate my project to the front of the line and once the team arrived, they got right to work. The original estimate was for a 1.5 to 2 day job to replace an old clay drain and add in 2 additional drains, and Brett and team took their time to make sure things were done right and completed on time. Brett kept me in the loop throughout the 2 days, and brought me out when decisions needed to be made. The team was happy to deal with all of my questions, and they left the job site cleaner than when they showed up even after heavy machinery was involved. I would definitely recommend Brett & the Drainage Team. ”

— John F. – Ladue, Missouri

“ We bought a house the Drainage Team had previously worked on. Their backyard drainage work was first class and they’ve been outstanding in helping us with our questions as we get to know our new house. If we need additional drainage help, Drainage Team will our first call!! ”

— Paul R. – Kirkwood, Missouri

“ Professional and competent. They do very good work. Much appreciated. ”

— Alicia S. – Wildwood, Missouri

“ We had the drainage team complete a big project at our home and we couldn’t be more satisfied. They are clear and fair on pricing and do fantastic work. The guys on the job explain everything they are doing, are thorough in their work and clean up after the job each day. I highly recommend this company. ”

— George G. – Ladue, Missouri

“ We have had excellent results with the Drainage Team! Ever since we moved in our house we have had recurrent basement flooding. The basement crack and waterproofing contractors kept installing indoor drainage without correcting the problem. It wasn’t until Drainage Team installed their storm water system that we have had a totally dry basement. I was impressed with the company’s knowledge and expertise, plus the care and consideration the workers showed. Every time someone mentions a wet basement I refer them to the Drainage Team. Thanks! ”

— Pam L. – Glendale, Missouri

“ My neighbor and I worked with another contractor to correct a storm water problem that was affecting both of us. He managed to correct my neighbor’s problem, but ended up causing my problem to get worse. At that point, I realized that this contractor wasn’t qualified for this type of work. I called in Drainage Team. They came to the site and quickly assessed what needed to be done. The solution worked perfectly, and the yard was left in excellent shape. I’ve subsequently called back Drainage Team for additional work, and was very pleased with the results. The team is courteous, hard-working, conscientious about their work, and the site is always left in good condition. ”

— Roger – St. Louis, Missouri

“ We contacted Drainage Team to install a French Drain through the rear of our property to remove surface and sub-surface water form the area. We chose to work with Drainage Team Based on (1) neighbors recommendation, (2) actually observed the work ethic demonstrated in performing work at neighbor’s home, and (3) knowledge of personnel regarding my problem in negotiations to install French Drain while obtaining bids from different service groups. The job was a bit messy but unavoidable and the workers were very diligent in minimizing damage to property when using heavy equipment. The best thing about the Drainage Team was that they are very knowledgeable, polite, and very responsive to fixing unforeseen problems that arose during work with no price gouging. We are very confident that our drainage issues are resolved, my wife and I check the backyard during heavy rains and the drainage problem is definitely remedied. We also feel confident that if any future arises I can count on Drainage Team to remedy the problem. We definitely recommend the Drainage Team to others! ”

— The Sandlers – Chesterfield, Missouri

“ Drainage Team rebuilt the underground system that drains rainwater from the downspouts around our house. They also re-graded the soil around the foundation so that rainwater would flow away from the foundation, and they built a channel drain across our driveway, connected to the new underground system, again to capture rainwater flowing down the driveway (which slopes downward toward our house. We chose the Drainage Team over two other bidders because we felt they were most likely to do the best job. They were well- recommended, and their proposal was detailed. Where we could cut corners to save costs, we did, but the Drainage Team prides itself on doing a job right, even if right doesn’t produce the lowest bid. Our experience with the Drainage Team was excellent. Their proposal spelled out the detail of the project. The project managers were always responsive to our questions and concerns. The project began as scheduled, and continued to completion without interruption except for weather. The workers on the project worked hard and consistently. The job site was kept neat and orderly. There was always a foreman on site who also was responsive. We recommend the Drainage Team without reservation. They do outstanding work. ”

— Mary S. – Olivette, Missouri

” Drainage Team did a great storm water project for us. They re-routed water with sizeable pipes to drain to the front of our house and to the street instead of on our neighbor’s yard. The workers did a great job and were very good about getting the yard cleaned up and looking the least worked on. Everyone involved was professional and very knowledgeable. ”

— The Millers – Defiance, Missouri

“ We needed to improve water drainage away from the house foundation. After much research on the internet we selected Drainage Team to come and give us a bid on the job. We discussed our objective with our project consultant for the Drainage Team and within a few days had a proposal to consider. The job went as planned and to date we are extremely pleased with the work and appearance of the area where the drainage system and decorative work resides. The Drainage Team worked hard to complete, meet and exceed our expectations. If we have any further projects for the Drainage Team, we would not hesitate to employ them again. ”

— T. F. Weber – Chesterfield, Missouri

“ During this past very wet spring, we experienced a basement wall leaking in several places where internal repairs had been professionally made before turning that area into a model train room. After three bids from foundation repair companies were obtained it was apparent that we were looking in the wrong places for what was needed. There was NO way the basement would be subject to jack hammering and installation of a sump pump to address the problem. What we wanted was to find the SOURCE of the water in order to divert it away from the basement wall. A Drainage Team representative recommended the installation of two French drain systems on either side of our front porch to divert the flow of rainwater to areas far from our foundation. We were very impressed with the manner in which the Drainage Team went about their business to ensure that our problem would be taken care of. The job site was always tidy at the end of a work day, which is something we had dreaded thinking about given the excavation work required to do the job. Thus far, no water has flowed into our basement and we are confident that this issue has been put to rest by the fine work of the Drainage Team. Of course we would recommend this company to others experiencing similar problems. ”

— Jenny – Town & Country, Missouri

“ I had two storm water issues: water and mud was washing onto my pool deck in two different places during heavy rains. In the first location, a downspout was emptying onto a hillside and washing out the grass so that water and soil was redirected onto the pool deck. In the second location, the slope of the land was directing water and soil onto the pool deck due to settling over the years. I chose the Drainage Team over other bidders based on recommendations and information on Drainage Team’s website. The Drainage Team relocated the downspout, rerouting it under two sidewalks and about 50 feet into the yard to a natural drainage area. They installed a pop up cap at the end of the drain line. In the second location, Drainage Team installed a 53 foot berm which they covered with a filter fabric and then with gravel to match the gravel in the pool area. The project was finished in one day and the yard looked as if it hadn’t been touched! The new drainage solutions have worked perfectly. I would highly recommend the Drainage Team to anyone who has a drainage problem. ”

— Jean S. – St. Louis, Missouri

“ I recently contacted the Drainage Team to tackle a very large and persistent storm water problem in the rear yards of my neighbor and I. Their project consultant responded quickly and made suggestions to remediate a situation that had been troublesome for some time. Their solutions included installing PVC pipes to my neighbor’s downspouts and sump pump discharge to a French drain they would run to a nearby storm sewer. We consulted with an Engineer from MSD since we needed a permit in order to tap into the sewer. She agreed the Drainage Team plan to be a good solution. We scheduled the work and ran into two weeks of almost constant rain making the necessary procedures much more difficult. In spite of all the challenges, Drainage Team crews completed the job on schedule despite having to work under very unpleasant conditions. They took care to keep the site as undisturbed as possible during the work which was extensive and cleaned up well afterward. We had obtained another bid for the project which was less than Drainage Team, but was very short on details, solutions, and guarantees. Drainage Teams bid contained a very descriptive plan for solutions to all of the issues and was also priced very fair and reasonable considering the work completed and the potential foundation issues we could incur. Drainage Team had engineered another drainage project for me a few years ago, and I was completely satisfied with all aspects of the completed work. I have found all of crews at Drainage Team to be very professional, reliable and easy to work with, and I can recommend them without hesitation. ”

— Claudia T. – Marthasville, Missouri

“ We are so glad we had Drainage Team help us with our late 1800’s cellar that was always wet and a swampy area in the yard. From the first consultation to final inspection, we knew the job wasn’t only being done right, but they did all they could to make it perfect. The crew was exceptional in their expertise, diligence and respect for our property. After two weeks of steady rain, our cellar is completely dry for the first time in 38 years and the swamp is gone from our yard. An excellent company to work with! ”

— Joe S – Creve Coeur, Missouri

“ In October 2019, Drainage Team installed a 40-foot French drain along the back our house and an 80-ft by 4-ft swale in a bed on the hill behind our house. The French drain was installed to address an occasional problem with water coming up at a specific spot in our basement after very heavy rains. This problem occurred even though there appeared to be a perimeter drainage system in the basement that was connected to sumps. The French drain was piped under our asphalt driveway to a storm drain on the left side of our lot. The outlet of one of our sump pumps was connected to the French drain piping instead of being discharged onto the driveway where it tended to form sheets of ice in the winter. Downspouts in the back of the house were also connected to the French Drain piping to direct them to the storm drain. The swale was installed to improve an existing drain that directed water from the hill to a storm drain on one side of our lot. The existing system frequently overtopped during heavy rains and water ran down the bed, sweeping mulch out of the bed. The project was completed on time and the job site was left in a very neat condition both while the project was ongoing and after it was completed. The French drain seems to have worked perfectly. We have not had a drop of water in our basement in more than two years. The swale improved the flow of water but it is still overtopped in the heaviest rains. The water flowing down to the storm drain tended to flow along the edges of the dry creek bed instead of through the center and this led to some erosion which we remedied by placing more rock on that side of the swale. I am happy with the performance of these systems and would hire Drainage Team again if a similar need came up. ”

— Jason S. – Wildwood, Missouri

“ Fantastic experience this month using Drainage Team to work on my home’s downspout and sump pump drainage. I found it very easy to work with Greg who did the original estimates and later Justin who was the project coordinator during the job. Great communication and job looks great – appears to be a long-lasting solution. Justin even caught a few aesthetic issues and had them fixed before I brought them up. ”

— Jim L. – Ballwin, Missouri

“ Drainage Team not only did a great job installing my sump pumps but their service after a pump went bad was outstanding. Checking the weather, Nathan prioritized my job on short notice since a storm was forecast for the next day. Their work is great, prices are good and service is outstanding. I wish I’d known about them when I had my former house! ”

— Paul – St. Louis, Missouri

“ I just wanted to say thanks to you and your team. They completed our new drainage system last Friday in what was the hottest day of the year. Your team showed true dedication and worked until 7pm to finish the job in one day as they promised. I don’t think I have seen a harder working group than the team that you sent to our house on Friday. We told them they could come inside and cool off for a little bit but they just kept working. They were incredibly professional. We will highly recommend your company to anyone that we know has drainage problems in the future. Thanks again for helping us try to find a solution to our drainage problem. ”

— Christopher A. – O’Fallon, Missouri

“ I’ve worked with Drainage Team on two drainage solutions and have been very pleased with the work they have performed. They completed both drainage projects in the quoted time frame and budget and exceeded my expectations on the quality of their work. I won’t hesitate to use them for my next project. ”

— Sakis & Kathy S. – O’Fallon, Missouri

“ We contacted Drainage Team regarding an issue of water seeping from under the foundation of our new home in the Wing Haven area. The builder couldn’t solve the issue so we called the Drainage Team knowing that they could. After they installed several French Drains in combination with downspout piping, the problem was 100% resolved. We recommend the Drainage Team to anyone that is looking for a competent company who will do it once, do it right, and provide guaranteed solutions to protect their property from water problems. We will definitely use Drainage Team in the future! ”

— Don J. – St. Louis, Missouri

“ When we moved into our new home at the Nottinghill Development, we soon learned that we had a severe storm water problem with water draining through the lawn area in back of our house. This also involved one neighbor on one side of us and three neighbors on the other side. The area was usually covered in standing water several inches thick. At best, it was an area of mud. No one could mow the grass. We appealed to the builder and they did nothing and as we later learned, they were in the process of bankruptcy. We appealed to the County Health Department and they did nothing. We finally decided to try and solve the problem ourselves and I contacted several firms dealing with storm water drainage problems, one of them was Drainage Team. A representative from each company came to the area and each one recommended a french drain system. They varied quite a bit as to the extent of the work (such as to how large a pipe would be used, home large a gravel-filled trench around the pipe) and the cost. I liked the proposal from Drainage Team the best. The results were so satisfactory that two or three other neighbors also contracted with Drainage Team to participate in this drainage system. Since the drain was installed, we have had no problems with water standing behind our homes. I believe all of my neighbors have been quite satisfied with Drainage Team and I recommend them to anyone with storm water problems. ”

— Ted M. – O'Fallon, Missouri

“ I contacted the Drainage Team because I had a pool waste pipe leaking and coming to the surface and bad downspout drainage. I chose the Drainage Team because of online research, good standing with BBB and experience with pool drainage systems. They installed new downspout drainage piping with clean outs, a new pool waste line, and two discharge drains. During the project the job site was always kept extremely clean and upon completion of the job I was impressed with how the impact to my yard was minimized. It was the sign of true professionals. The best thing about using the Drainage Team is the quality of the job backed with a warranty. When the project was finished I was very confident that my drainage problems were 100% resolved. Post project follow up was also good. I would certainly recommend Drainage Team to others based on quality, experience and honest assessment of my needs. ”

— Steve & Becky G. – Ballwin, Missouri

“ Every spring, beginning in April we would have standing water and smelly muck in our back yard, it would remain that way until June or July. Drainage Team did an excellent job of assessing the situation and coming up with a plan to take care of the problem. We had other estimates but no one seemed to know exactly what should be done. Drainage Team installed a storm water system and incorporated the guttering into the storm water system. Our yard is dry all year long now. We are happy and so are our neighbors. We would highly recommend the Drainage Team. ”

— J Moeller – Lake St. Louis, Missouri

“ We were very happy with the solution Drainage Team proposed for our drainage issues. We had water in our basement as well as standing water in our yard. Their solution was the most comprehensive of the proposals we received and the bid was comparable. The team was very professional and the job site was kept clean. We are completely satisfied and have had no water issues since the project was finished.”

— Gary – South St. Louis, Missouri

“ We had a potentially expensive problem lurking under our foundation that would have cost thousands to correct should it have erupted. Our foundation was poured in clay and rock base collecting water underneath it as if in a bowl. We knew that some day with excessive rain that water would come in our finished basement. Drainage Team got our business over others due their presentation, solution and cost effective resolution to this potential problem. When they started digging for the “french drainage system” water gushed out from under and away from the house. They installed the 12″ system about 4 feet below ground, packed rock around it, and connected the french drain to 4″ piping to take the water away from the house. They solved our potential problem for a fraction of the cost should it have erupted. Drainage Team exceeded our expectations in the quality work, attention to detail, and careful consideration of our existing property, leaving it as if they had never been here. We recommend the Drainage Team enthusiastically! ”

— Tim C. – Chesterfield, Missouri

“ We had been fighting a severe issue with storm water drainage on our residential property for 10 years before conceding that our repairs were only temporary at best. I’m a structural engineer and looked carefully for a company that I felt would have the resources to adequately resolve our problems. Drainage Team reviewed the situation, developed a plan, and implemented the work on schedule while being very careful to cause almost no impact to the surrounding landscape. The project consultant and production manager were always accessible and personally monitored the work being performed. Our water problem was so severe that the initial installation was overcome by a severe storm. However, the company was extremely responsive and immediately initiated further modifications at no cost and our problems appear to be 100% resolved. I would highly recommend this company to anyone experiencing storm water drainage problems. ”

— KJ Haller – Wildwood, Missouri

“ I contacted the Drainage Team because my property had excessive water damage to the foundation and under the basement floor due to poor site drainage. The Drainage Team was highly recommended by my Soil Engineer. I had two drainage systems installed: A) Installed a complete drainage system for all of the house gutters/downspouts so that all rain water was routed away from the building foundation/basement floor. B) Installed a secondary french drain at the rear of my house to prevent any excess ground water from seeping under the foundation or basement floor. During the project, the job site was maintained very well, with all of the soil that was removed during the drainage system installation kept near the work area and off of the lawn and public sidewalk. I am very confident that drainage systems installed have completely solved my problems, in fact, the downspout piping and french drain have performed great even through the recent storms and heavy rainfall. I will definitely recommend the Drainage Team to others! ”

— Ellisville Athletic Association – Ballwin, Missouri

“ Ellisville Athletic Association field #7 was in desperate need for attention to water runoff issues. The field sits lower than the surrounding grade. EAA sought professional advice from several contractors and The Drainage Team was chosen based on commitment, reliability, and price. The Drainage Team installed french drains around the perimeter of the field and also channel drains around the dugouts along with asphalt curbs to control water runoff direction. They were also able to change the grade and create berms to help prevent storm water from reaching the field. Drainage Team worked great with the other contractors on the site. In fact at one time there were seven different companies working on the same field. EAA could not be happier with the results of this project. Field #7 now plays more often than any other field in St. Louis County after rain events. EAA looks forward to having The Drainage Team perform additional work to our remaining fields. ”

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