The Preferred Choice

Drainage Team regularly performs company assessments regarding our service quality and the overall value we provide. Most of the information collected and/or reflected is from our existing clients (before and after service is performed). Before any project work is underway, we often ask the client; “What convinced you to choose Drainage Team for your project?”. After the project is complete, we ask our clients a slightly different question; “Why should others choose Drainage Team for their project?”

Over the years Drainage Team has compiled this specific client feedback with the expectation of allowing others to comprehend our ideology and determine if our methods of service are parallel with their needs. The information was organized into four categories; Company Experience & Reputation, Drainage Expertise & Resources, Warranty & Satisfaction Guarantee, System Maintenance & Repair.

Company, Experience & Reputation

Drainage Expertise & Resources

Warranty & Satisfaction Guarantee

System Maintenance & Repair

Final Thoughts

As Stormwater Experts, we encounter a diverse range of water issues on a daily basis. Since every stormwater situation is unique in one variable or another, we have learned to treat them all distinctively. This way, the solution we devise will directly correlate and most effectively fix each distinctive issue.

Drainage Team believes the best way to maintain our industry leadership is by embracing challenges. We always try to impress our clients by exceeding their expectations – and sometimes we even impress ourselves. Why do we always raise the bar? Because we can – and we thoroughly enjoy providing clients with the highest level of service.

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