Waterproofing Solutions

Basement Waterproofing

Wet Basement? We provide the absolute best basement waterproofing solutions to solve your basement waterproofing situation. We will stop water from coming into your property. Our state-of-the-art, minimally invasive systems can be installed in any basement environment. Discharge pipes can be hidden behind the drywall. Pump alarms and battery backup pumps are standard.

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Foundation Crack Repair

We repair your foundation cracks and stop water from coming into your basement. Our state-of-the-art Techni-Crack® method works on any poured concrete walls. The available poured foundation crack solutions on the market today do not compare to our patent pending Techni-Crack® method. Many of our projects are re-doing crack repairs that other companies have previously injected, and the injection has failed.

Our Techni-Crack® product uses a hydrophobic membrane with an injection process. If water enters from the treated crack (most, if not all water is prevented from entering by our injection process) it will all be repelled efficiently to the system or drywell below the basement floor.

Schedule a consultation and we will educate you on how our Techni-Crack® hydrophobic membrane process will repair your walls permanently. Guaranteed for life!

Wall Encapsulation

Before you choose from the numerous basement sealants, you will need to determine the exact source of moisture in your basement. It is incredibly common for basements to begin taking on moisture 10 to 15 years after they are constructed. As many as 60 percent of basements will be wet during this timeframe, with as many as 33 percent experiencing mold and mildew issues. This moisture may be the result of condensation or could be caused by cracks in the foundation. The first sign of an issue is typically a musty smell many people automatically associate with basements. If your basement is finished without first applying the necessary sealant, the moisture will become trapped and can lead to mold and mildew growth.

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Humidity Control

Some of the most frequent inquiries we hear are related to basement dehumidification. High levels of humidity often times lead to the proliferation of mold and mildew which can decrease the value of a property and lead to health-related issues. In order to address these problems, we install a line of dealer exclusive, patented basement dehumidification systems to keep your home healthy, dry and mold-free.

We carry an entire line commercial grade dehumidifiers along with our patented Humid-Evac, the Humidity Evacuation System. We install the Humid-Evac below your basement floor, typically in conjunction with our full perimeter waterproofing systems.

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Our Process & Best Practices

Exclusive Dealer & Installer

Drainage Team is the certified, exclusive installer and dealer for Basement Technologies® in the St. Louis Metropolitan area. Our exclusive systems are protected by more than 12 patents and have been installed in over 1,000,000 basements nationwide.

Company Structure & Management

We have systems in place to manage our relationship with you from your first contact with us all the way through post-project review and maintenance. We have designated waterproofing project consultants, production managers, quality control measures, designated waterproofing crews and specialized equipment to complete any sized project.

FREE Professional Inspection

The first step in getting your project completed by us is to meet on-site at your property to discuss your project and your goals in solving them.

One of the huge benefits of using our company vs. other waterproofing contractors is the fact that we solve all storm water issues, interior AND exterior. Many waterproofing contractors will try to sway you into a waterproofing only solution. What dramatically differentiates us is that we look at your overall property, associated watershed and the BEST solution for your specific situation.

Once our on-site analysis is done, our waterproofing consultant will create a comprehensive written project proposal along with a sketch to solve your problem once and for all.

Waterproofing Project Scheduling

Once your waterproofing project is accepted, it goes into our production department and placed on our workflow schedule. Depending on the time of year, your project will be scheduled between 2 weeks – 16 weeks out from the day we received your accepted Project Order Form.

Our Waterproofing Crews

Once we have come up with a plan and agreement, our waterproofing crew arrives to implement the solution we proposed. We execute the project as proposed.

Precision Waterproofing Installation

The patented waterproofing system we install is minimally invasive. Our crews have all of the specialized tools and equipment to ensure your waterproofing project is installed quickly and is a permanent success.

Professional Waterproofing Techniques, Maximized

When installing our waterproofing projects, we implement the absolute best materials and techniques to maximize water flow efficiency and ensure cleanout access within every system we install.

Systems We Use & Replace

Our Water Trek Aqua Route®

A unique, patented waterproofing system that can be “custom tailored” to each basement water problem and footing configuration under the floor. It addresses water from both sides of the footing and can be installed in any soil or subfloor situation. Trust your home to Drainage Team, the leading name in St. Louis basement waterproofing. Experts agree the most effective basement waterproofing method is an interior subfloor system. The Water Trek Aqua Route® is the best product available.

The Water Trek Aqua Route® system is uniquely adaptable and can accommodate all six (6) possible footing configurations. Our exclusive, versatile, “no-clog” adjustable depth system delivers a “peace of mind” permanent solution to your basement water problem and is designed to fit all footing configurations.Identifying the footing configuration in relation to the floor (slab) and the foundation wall is the key to installing a waterproofing system that will last for the life of your property.



Our Technologically Advanced Sump Pump Housing

Basement Technologies® patent pending Water Grabber Bull Dog™ is the heart and lungs of our Water Trek Aqua Route perimeter system. The Water Grabber Bull Dog™ consists of a patent pending drilled polyethylene basin with a split or solid lid.

Historically, a sump pump is located on a straight wall or in a corner. Doesn’t it make sense to install a sump pump that fits snugly and attractively in your basement… and emulates a “flat floor” building product look? – not a sump pump!

We use 3/4″ gravel to surround the basin and help filter the water. The pumping device is a 1/3, 1/2 or 3/4 H.P. cast iron pump rated at approximately 3,000 – 4,200 gallons per hour and will pump up to 1 /2″ solids.

We install our alarm, the Grabber Pal™, in the basin to alert you if the pump has a mechanical problem or was unplugged accidentally. This alarm is float activated and far superior to sensor type alarms which other companies carry. We also have wifi enabled alarms that alert you on your smartphone! Our Water Grabbers also feature a special rubber fitting called the Silencer™ to muffle the already quiet pump.


Powerhouse Sump Pumps®

Drainage Team in partnership with Basement Technologies has used a variety of pumping units over the years. We have always believed a pump with heavy duty double ball bearing construction and piggy backed plugs should be the choice for a customer conscious waterproofing company.

After extensive testing, we communicated our needs to one of the worlds best pump manufacturers and transformed them into the ultimate basement waterproofing pump – the Powerhouse Sump Pump®.

Our pumps are manufactured by a premier American made pump manufacturer in the country specializing in heavy duty industrial / commercial pumping units. They have adapted some of their special technology especially for Basement Technologies dealers and installers.

We are committed to our own line of pumps because we are confident that their reputation and quality is compatible with the standards of Drainage Team, and the pumps are manufactured right here in the United States.

We install three primary sized pumps: 1/3, 1/2, and 3/4 horsepower. These are not your average local supply store pumps. They are specifically designed and engineered to handle the most severe basement water problems.


Techni-Crack® Foundation Crack Repair Solutions

The available poured foundation crack solutions on the market today do not compare to our patent pending Techni-Crack® method. Many of our projects are re-doing crack repairs that other companies have previously injected, and the injection has failed.

Our Techni-Crack® product uses a hydrophobic membrane with an injection process. If water enters from the treated crack (most, if not all water is prevented from entering by our injection process) it all be repelled efficiently to the system or dry well below the basement floor.


The Competition Says “Our Piping & System Is The Best” READ BELOW…

CORRUGATED PLASTIC DRAIN PIPING: We do not recommend using the flexible corrugated plastic drain pipe (solid or perforated) for any waterproofing applications. It commonly (more often than not) gets clogged up soil and crushed at the time of backfill during the installation process. We have never removed a single wall corrugated pipe that was clean, they always have debris caught up in them.


OTHER WATER TRACK TYPE SYSTEMS: One of our most common competitors installs a “Track” type system as well that’s similar in a few ways. This system is nice, but has some major flaws… 1) Designed to be installed on the footing only, if installed on dirt, it may clog. 2) Only addresses water on the foundation wall side, not water threatening the floor due to holes being located only on one side. 3) Sump pump location is limited to the lowest spot with this system. 4) No ridge on the top of the “Track” so cannot properly attach to concrete. 5) Flange on top has 3/8 inch gap. Without a tight fit, you can get odors coming from the system. 6) BIG One: Holes on the backside only, does not self-clean, does not address water in front of the footing. 7) Cannot be used for interior arteries and floor cracks.

The absolute best piping for waterproofing projects is our patented Water Trek Aqua Route®

Our Specialization = Your Benefit

Protecting Your Investment & Minimizing The Mess Of Waterproofing

At the start of every waterproofing related project that’s taking place on the interior of your property, we make sure that our entrance and exits are protected, all air circulation is temporarily sealed off and that your furniture and belongings are protected from dust and flying debris. At the end of each working day our crews make sure our working areas are clean and that your daily life can go on as usual during our project.


“DH” Ports For Easy Cleanout Access

Just like all storm water systems, Maintenance IS Required in waterproofing as well. We configure all of our Water Trek Aqua Route systems with cleanout ports on each wall to make sure there’s access when routine maintenance needs to be performed or if there’s a system issue (like mud clogging up a system requiring flushing out).




Piping Your Sump Pump Discharge To The Best Location

Many waterproofing companies get the water to the outside of your foundation… but then they stop there. Typically they cut off the pipe at the edge of the outside foundation wall. We have witnessed this more times than we can count. The issue is that the water then pumps out of the discharge pipe and next to your foundation, seeping straight down through the soil to your foundation footing and back into your sump pump system causing continuous recirculation of water flow.

The proper way to run a sump pump discharge pipe, and the way our crews do it, is to bury the pipe 6-12 inches deep and get the discharge (end of the pipe) a minimum of 10-15 feet away from the foundation wall.


Our Patented Freeze Stop™ Discharge System

The discharge for the sump pump is always an area of concern. Many pump failures and flooded basements are a direct result of frozen discharge lines, especially in cold winter climates, like here in St. Louis, Missouri.

The patented Freeze Stop™, with a full 360° of protection, is discreetly installed on the outside of your foundation and is engineered to facilitate the flow of water from the inside of your home to the buried pipe outside.

Most waterproofing systems operate with sump pumps. The sump pump usually discharges to the outside of the home. Exterior discharge lines can easily freeze when it gets cold. The pump will continue to run, but due to the frozen discharge line, water could back up and cause your basement to flood. This won’t happen again with our patented Freeze Stop™.


Your Budget. Our Waterproofing Solutions.

Over the past 20+ years of performing professional waterproofing projects, we have analyzed pricing data to generate this general budget outline. This should help you determine the budget size you may need for your project. (All estimated dollar amounts are presented in $1,000.00’s. K = $1,000.00 USD) We cannot give you an exact estimate until we meet you for a consultation.

Basement Waterproofing$4K – $20K$10K – $50K+
Foundation Crack Repair$1.8K – $5K$1.5K – $20K+
Wall Encapsulation$5K – $15K+$8K – $40K+
Humidity Control$3.5K – $10K$5K – $30K+