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Corrugated Piping vs SDR35 for Downspout Drainage Systems

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SDR35 pipe has become the preferred choice for residential and commercial downspout drainage systems in St. Louis due to its superior durability. Single wall corrugated pipe is often used in residential downspout drainage systems (even on new homes and even under new concrete). But SDR35 pipe offers several major advantages that make it the smarter choice.

SDR35 pipe consists of polyvinyl chloride (PVC), which is a highly durable material. And it resists debris accumulation, most tree roots, freeze thaw and other forms of degradation. This makes SDR35 pipe ideal for drainage systems. As it will not collapse over time, which can lead to costly damage, repairs and replacements. Additionally, SDR35 is a permanent solution for drainage with the piping lasting hundreds of years.

SDR35 pipe is more environmentally friendly than single wall corrugated pipe. This is because PVC is a non-toxic material that recycles easily. Additionally, SDR35 pipe requires less energy and natural resources to produce than single wall corrugated pipe.

Overall, SDR35 pipe is an ideal choice for residential drainage systems due to its superior durability. Moreover it is ideal for its flexibility, cost-effectiveness, and environmental friendliness. It can be professionally installed, does not breakdown, lasts hundreds of years, can be cleaned and is made from a non-toxic material that is easily recycled. Therefore, SDR35 pipe is the best choice for residential drainage systems.

Check out our drainage section of our website to see several pictures of clogged and tree root infested single wall corrugated pipe. Some single wall corrugated piping fails within 3 years. Some installations last 20+ years. But, there’s one guarantee: it will fail at some point. We refer to single wall corrugated pipe “temporary piping for above ground”, until you can install SDR35 as permanent piping.

What’s the investment difference in a Corrugated vs SDR35 PVC drainage solution?

We don’t install single wall corrugated piping. But our best guess is 3-4 times as much overall (compared to a handyman or landscaper) to have a professionally installed SDR35 new drainage system.

Worth it? We think so… peace of mind, doing it right (one time), protecting one of your largest investments and the resale value of your property having a professionally installed drainage system. Yes.

If you have corrugated piping in your current drainage system, contact the professionals at Drainage Team for a no obligation proposal to upgrade. For drainage in St. Louis MO, contact us 24/7 at www.DrainageTeam.com. You can schedule an on-site consultation right from our website!

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