Drainage Solutions

Downspout Piping

We use PVC Downspout Piping to ensure water is captured and transported to where you want on your property, for decades. We install cleanout connections on every downspout for easy access and cleaning. “Freeze Stops” connections are installed at each sump pump discharge to allow sump pumps to flow, even during the harshest winter weather freezing conditions.

Drain Grates

Drain grates are an ideal solution for capturing surface water that’s accumulating and causing a nuisance or a property flooding situation. We have drain grate solutions for lawn areas, patios, foundations, sidewalks, driveways and many more. Our drain grates range in size from 4 inch round atrium drains all the way up to 4 foot parking lot drains.

French Drains

Our french drains are the best in the business. We only use PVC piping internally and we build them to the size needed for the surface area or sub-surface area watershed. Our French drains range from 1 foot wide x 1.5 feet deep all the way up to 4 feet wide x 4 feet deep (or larger). The best part is, not only do we solve your water problem, we guarantee it.

Trench Drains

Trench drains, also known as “Exposed French Drains” are the ideal solution for an area where there’s high flow water and a long area that needs drained. Another benefit of a trench drain is that they can capture sub-surface water as well because the sub-grade portion of the trench drain acts as a french drain allowing water in the soil to drain into the trench drain piping.

Channel Drains

Channel drains are used for draining hard surface areas such as pool decks, parking lots, sidewalks, patios, driveways, etc. We can install any type of channel drain ranging from a 2″ channel drain on a pool deck to a large channel drain running across a parking lot or municipal street.

External Sump Pumps

External sump pumps are sometime necessary when the grade is such that water cannot be drained using gravity or utilizing an existing storm sewer. In these situations, we have the technology and skillset to install a reliable sump pump system on the exterior of your home or business. We only recommend external sump pumps when there is no other option for water relocation.

Concrete Drain Inlets

Heavy stormwater flow negatively impacts parking lot areas, large lawn areas and many other property settings. We can install one, or a series of large storm water inlets to drain a patio area or a multi-acre business complex. Contact us today for a solution to your water problem.

Dry Creek Beds

Stormwater control is typically not a beautiful thing… why not add a decorative dry creek bed to make your water control more of a landscaping feature? We have the access and the skill to source and install the best decorative rock, boulders and plantings to make your dry creek bed a work of landscaping art.

Window Well Drains

Window Wells are commonly used on basement windows. Due to these windows typically being positioned lower than the surface grade, this is a perfect place for water to accumulate. Once it accumulates, the water either seeps through the window frame or down the exterior foundation wall and then breaches the foundation footing leading to water in the basement. Not only to we have solutions to capture the water, we have new window well solutions ranging from heavy duty plastic to decorative stone or block.

Pool Drainage

Pool area drainage issues are common. Water typically accumulates around the area and causes issues to the integrity of the pool. We all know that major repairs to a pool can be extremely costly, ongoing, and inconvenient to those that want to enjoy the pool. The good news is that we have drainage solutions for pool deck surface water, routing backwash discharge lines to ideal locations, subsurface water removal, external sump pump systems, etc.

Swales & Berms

Swales are used to direct water flow by creating a smooth trough to control and direct water flow. Our grading experts determine the level of the grade that needs to be achieved and then utilizes specialized grading equipment to make the swale grading a success.

Road Culvert Piping

Many roads, highways, driveways, railways, etc. have pipes under them to carry water from one side to the other. These are called culvert pipes. Culvert pipes must be large enough to handle the amount of water flowing through the area and must be strong enough to support heavy traffic loads.

Our Process & Best Practices

Company Structure & Management

We have systems in place to manage our relationship with you from your first contact with us all the way through post-project review. We have designated drainage consultants, production managers, quality control measures, designated drainage crews and specialized equipment to complete any sized drainage project.

Vendor Relationships

Our company maintains vendor relationships like we do with our ongoing clients. This ensures our company and our clients the best, up-to-date materials, installation technologies & techniques, pricing, and timeliness of project material sourcing.

On-Site Drainage Consultation

The first step in getting your drainage project completed by us is to meet on-site at your property to discuss your water issues and your goals in solving them. Next, one of our drainage consultants creates a comprehensive written project proposal & plan to solve them once and for all. We can create a drawing, but there are engineering fees associated with these types of plans.

Drainage Project Scheduling

Once your drainage project is accepted, it goes into our production department and placed on our workflow schedule. Depending on the time of year, your project will be scheduled between 2 weeks – 16 weeks out from the day we received your accepted Project Order Form.

Our Drainage Crews

Once we have come up with a plan and agreement, our crew arrives to implement the solution we proposed. Our crews are equipped with tools similar to a utility company. We execute the project as proposed.

Precision Installation

Our crews have all of the necessary tools and equipment to ensure your project is a success. We shoot the grade with transits during the installation and all trenches are compacted with heavy duty, specialized compaction equipment… so there’s no settling once we’re finished with your drainage project.

Professional Drainage Piping Techniques, Maximized

When installing our drainage projects, we implement the absolute best techniques to maximize water flow efficiency within every system we install.

Material We Use & Replace

Heavy Duty Sewer & Drain Pipe

99% of our projects are constructed using this heavy duty pipe. Schedule 35 Sewer & Drain pipe (SDR35) is the technical term. This is the same material used underground throughout new subdivisions today to control stormwater runoff.

Many people ask “why not Schedule 40 PVC”… “It is thicker and stronger?” Schedule 35 is designed to be more flexible than Schedule 40, therefore, it can withstand shifting, settling, and less breaks due to changing soil & weather conditions. With Schedule 40, when the soil shifts, the connections will pull apart, the pipe can actually fracture during cold winter weather.

When installed properly by a professional contractor, SDR35 is one of the very best options available on the market today.



N-12® Dual Wall – HDPE Pipe

N-12 Dual-Wall Pipe is a great solution when large piping is needed for culverts under roads, long large pipe runs, etc.

Dual Wall N-12 pipe was first Introduced in 1987, and is manufactured by ADS (Advanced Drainage Systems). This pipe has a smooth interior wall and corrugated exterior, offers exceptional hydraulics and strength. Dual Wall N-12 is manufactured using application-specific high-density polyethylene.


DO NOT USE Corrugated Single Wall Piping… Upgrade Today

We do not recommend using the flexible corrugated plastic drain pipe (solid or perforated) for any commercial drainage applications, residential downspout drains, lawn areas, or garden drainage systems because it commonly (more often than not) gets clogged up with roots, soil, shingle particles, leaves and animals can easily plug it up. These pipes are very cheap and we like to call them “temporary pipes” (like if your basements flooding you use these pipes until you can have a professional drainage system installed using PVC). We have never removed a single wall corrugated pipe that was clean, they always have debris caught up in them (we have dozens of pictures like the one below).

Corrugated flexible plastic drainage pipe is an “okay” fit for farm fields where very long lengths need to be installed, and done so very cheaply.


Clay Pipe Replacement

Clay pipes were commonly used for gutter downspout piping and drainage in the late 1800’s well into the early 1900’s. Clay pipes that are still in place today are susceptible to tree roots entering through the loose or deteriorated connection joints and causing breakage and crumbling of the old clay pipes. When there’s faulty pipes (which many are because of age) the property owner often times doesn’t know that there is water escaping these pipes underground and causing foundation issues and possibly water seepage in lower levels of the building.

We highly recommend upgrading clay pipe drainage systems.


Our Specialization = Your Benefit

Piping For Efficiency

On all of our pipe runs, we use 22.5 degree connections, 45 degree connections, and Wye connections to always speed up water flow to allow for the most efficient confluence of drainage components and inflow during heavy water flow situations.


Some Of Our Specialized Equipment

Our crews are equipped with the right sized equipment for any sized project. From drainage systems next to a pool deck to installing a series of concrete storm sewer inlets on a new construction site, we have the right equipment for the project.


Minimizing Disturbance Is Our Primary Focus

While planning and mobilizing at the start of your project, our crews first priority is minimizing disturbance through our access points on your property. We use heavy duty plywood and trackmats to ensure the least amount of disturbance during your project installation.


Mechanical Compaction To Prevent Settling

When we leave your project, there’s no settling. We use mechanical compaction equipment to ensure that wherever our drainage systems are installed, the pipe is backfilled and compacted to maximum compaction. Our compaction equipment is similar to what you see on a utility company crew.


Site Restoration. Your Property Looks Beautiful Again… Within Days.

When our crews finalize your installation, we restore your site to perfect condition. We install high quality select grass seed, straw roll / erosion netting, or freshly cut sod from our local sod farm partners.


Your Budget. Our Drainage Solutions.

Over the past 20+ years of performing professional drainage piping and stormwater control projects, we have analyzed pricing data to generate this general budget outline. This should help you determine the budget size you may need for your project. (All estimated dollar amounts are presented in $1,000.00’s. K = $1,000.00 USD) We cannot give you an exact estimate until we meet you for a consultation.

Downspout Piping$3.5K – $15K$3.5K – $50K+
Drain Grates$4K – $20K$7K – $50K+
French Drains & Trench Drains$5K – $15K+$8K – $30K+
Channel Drains$6K – $20K$10K – $25K
External Sump Pumps$4K – $6K$4K – $10K
Concrete Drain Grates$5K – $20K$5K – $50K+
Dry Creek Beds$4K – $15K$5K – $50K+
Window Well Drains$3.5K – $5K$3.5K – $10K+
Pool Drainage Systems$5K – $15K$7K – $25K+
Swales & Berms$3.5K – $10K+$5K – $50K+
Road Culvert Piping$7K – $20K$7K – $50K+