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Consultation Questions?

We have very specific service areas for residential projects. We service most of Metropolitan St. Louis for our commercial projects.

Before scheduling an appointment, we need to verify that your property is within our service areas.

If you have a commercial project or large scale residential project outside of our listed service areas, please email us or call us at (314) 312-2000 to schedule an appointment.

This is an FYI should you choose us for your project installation.

Our installation schedule ranges from 2 weeks to 6 months depending on time of year, recent rain events, etc. We have found it helpful to provide this information to our potential clients.

These are estimated timeframes as of right now and depend on how quickly signed proposals are received by our office. We believe in transparency and our goal is to prevent you from wasting your time meeting with us if your project is urgent and needs done sooner.

Our on-site consultation availability ranges from 1 day to 2 months depending on time of year, recent rain events, etc.

We do hire additional people as the business grows and it fits within our business plan. We will not go out and quickly hire project consultants (that are not highly trained and experienced in stormwater) just because we experience above average rain events one year…

Through our “Schedule Consultation” link located throughout the website:

  1. Top of all website pages
  2. Click the floating “Schedule Consultation” image on the left side of screen
  3. Contact us page
  4. Bottom of all pages under “Contact” there is a “Schedule Consultation” link.
  1. Go to our “Schedule Consultation” page
  2. Follow the "Steps"
  3. Click a time that works for you on the calendar.
  4. You can go into future weeks by using the arrows on the top right of calendar.
  5. You will receive an email confirmation shortly after you submit.

This is the exact same calendar / system that our office team uses when you call in to schedule. Easier to schedule yourself (in our opinion).

No, for 99% of consultations we do not charge.

Our free on-site consultations include a discussion, inspection, evaluation, our expert opinion, recommendations regarding solutions and a written proposal (if we think the project is a good fit for our company).

* When we do charge: some situations in real estate transactions or court cases (when there’s really not a future project installation imminent), we have to charge for our time.

Typically anywhere between 15 minutes and 1 hour depending on the size / scope of the project.

Our on-site consultations include a walk through of your stormwater issues. We will have a discussion, inspection of your property, evaluation, our expert opinions, recommendations regarding solutions and a written proposal (if we think the project is a good fit for our company).

Yes you can.

To do this, send us an email at

Please include the following details:

  1. Location of project
  2. Scope of the project, what you’re needing done and/or what your issues are.
  3. A couple times of day and day of week that are best for our team to call you
  4. Your mobile phone number

We will have one of our project consultants call you to discuss.

No. We schedule a time and do our absolute best to be there within 30 minutes of our scheduled time.

No in most situations. We like to meet with the property owner or manager and preferably have all decision makers present during the consultation so we can collectively discuss the options and solutions together.

With property managers, home builders, developers or real estate agents, this is sometimes possible if we have exact areas to look at and a very descriptive scope of project, solutions wanted, and budget.

No. We have to look at the property, evaluate the problems, come up with solutions and measure everything out.

If a company says they can give you a quote over the phone, run from them.

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